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In Pakistan according Mepco online bill, MEPCO is the only electric supply company with territory in three different provinces where to check Mepco online bill. It stands for “MULTAN ELECTRIC POWER COMPANY”, a major electricity supplier in Pakistan. Mepco is comprised of five different companies HESCO, QESCO, FESCO, LESCO, and PESCO. It was founded on 14th May 1998 and is known as a public limited company.

MEPCO Duplicate Bill

Providing electricity distribution services to Multan is the company’s responsibility. Furthermore, they also collect bills, regulate complaints, and provide other services related to electricity. Through Easypaisa, JazzCash, and a Bank account, you can apply for a new connection online as well as pay MEPCO bills online. It is licensed by NEPRA (National Electric Power Regulatory Authority).


The primary and important purpose of Mepco is to develop, construct, and operate reliable electrical distribution networks as well as high-quality power supply easily at a reasonable price. To give a better quality of electricity supply to every rural area. Besides it, to reduce the poverty and increase the living standard of the masses. Additionally, to give facilities to agricultural and industrial activities and you can easily Mepco bill online check.


Mepco covers 13 districts in south Punjab and serves over 35 million subscribers. These 13 districts are named:

Dera Ghazi KhanSahiwalLodhran
Rahim Yar KhanKhanewalPakpattan

Considering the number of constituencies, it occupies approximately 50 of the National assembly of Pakistan and 104 of the Punjab assembly. Since the company’s service territory is almost exclusively rural, its customer profile is heavily dominated by domestic and, in particular, lifeline customers.


Customers receive their bills at their registered addresses every month on a specific date mostly on the 15th. Your bill usually shows your payment history for the last 12 months. It shows your payment patterns and how your bill changes over time. In addition, you can see. Besides it, you can see the due date before and after, issue date, unit consumed, tax paid and meter reading, etc. By putting reference number you can check Mepco duplicate bill online.

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Billing Period, Reference Number, Tariff, Reading Date, Issue Date, Due Date, Load, Total Units Consumed, Total Cost of Electricity, Installments, GST (General Sales Tax), Late Payment Surcharge.


If you forget to pay the bill or if you don’t get your bill in time then you have to face the consequences in the form of cutting electricity. To avoid this you can get a consumer duplicate bill or print your bill.

For this purpose, you have to follow the following steps

  • Enter Reference No without any space or gap
  • Check again before you enter the Reference Number then a PDF copy of your current bill will appear on the screen.
  • To get print of your MEPCO Duplicate Bill, on your printer press ctrl+z


If you avoid standing in long lines to save time in your busy routine or if you get the bill a day before the last date, you can get the facility of online bill payment. You can get and pay online bills easily on your mobile phone or a computer. All you need is the consumer/reference number which can easily be available on any old bill.


In order to check your most recent MEPCO Bill, you will need the 14 digits of your ” Consumer Number” which you can store in your diary, mobile phone, or computer wherever you can easily access it.

  • Go to the website
  • Add consumer number in the submission box.
  • Enter the consumer number from your recent bill copy.
  • Press the submit button.
  • You will see the bill on your screen.


If you prefer to have the bill in your inbox rather than downloading the bill every time, then Mepco has another solution for you. The MEPCO website allows you to easily register your email address to receive your bill via email. However, we recommend you check your Mepco bill online as it is fast and easy to do. 

All you need to do is enter the reference number and your email address, and your MEPCO bills will be delivered to you before their due dates. Furthermore, you will be able to keep a digital record of all MEPCO bills.


For the purpose of saving electricity as much as, Mepco suggested decreasing the consumption of electricity in peak hours. This step is taken to reduce the electricity bill amount so that a stable amount of electricity could be distributed in the whole region. Furthermore, the peak hours are different for the specific time period of winters and summers when the consumption time is high.

Peak Hours are also applicable in the agriculture and industrial regions.

Below are the timings of the peak hours:

From April to October                                  6:30 PM to 10:30 PM

From November to March                            6 PM to 10 PM


When you thoroughly check the bill, you will find different terms regarding taxation such as FPA, QTR, TR, etc. But do you know about their full form or for which purpose these terms are used?

Here are the full forms and what are these meant for:

FPA (Fuel Price Adjustment):

The term is used for crude oil companies that generate electricity through crude oil and usually occurs when the price of fuel fluctuates. You will be charged for this tax whenever it is mentioned in this month’s or next month’s bill.

Deferred Amount:

The amount is necessary to pay which is mentioned on the bill but you can pay in your next month’s bill.

QTR (Quarterly Tariff Adjustment):

The amount is shown on your bills every three months. Therefore, it should be paid because its ultimate objective of it is tariff adjustment.

RT (Tariff Rationalization Surcharge):

You may see a subsidy from GOP in the bill if the difference is considered positive, but in the case of a negative difference, the electricity distribution company has to pay GOP.


  • Electricity cables should not be used to hang clothes.
  • People who find leaks in poles or electricity lines on the ground should immediately contact the nearest electricity complaint center.
  • When a broken wiring-related incident occurs, people and animals should not come in contact with any stagnant or running water until the electricity staff reaches the site.
  • All electrical appliances and gadgets should have a three-pin shoe, with the third pin properly earthed, such as an electric iron, a washing machine, a refrigerator, an air conditioner, etc.
  • Animals should be saved from the deadly incident and should be avoided from tying against electricity poles or any bare wires.
  • It should be avoided to touch any wire, switch, or electric appliance with wet hands.
  • Use only conductors and wires that are covered with insulation.
  • The use of a dry bamboo or wooden rod should be used if a person gets caught in a live wire in a house, a shop, or elsewhere.
  • For deep freezers, refrigerators, televisions, etc. always use a voltage regulator with a delayed start.
  • You should turn off all electrical appliances before removing their plug and take the plug out properly. If the shoe is being removed from the plug, you should not jerk the wire.
  • Electric motors, pedestal fans, and metallic parts of the washing machine should not be touched without removing electricity connections.

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MEPCO headquarter is situated in MULTAN and below is the contact number of the office:

        +92 619220313


Mepco Complex، Khanewal Rd, MEPCO Colony Mepco Colony, Multan, Punjab


You have the facility of complaint if there is un-scheduled load shedding. You can direct contact POWER CONTROL CENTRE MULTAN through the following numbers.


 061-9220314 and

 Toll-free No. 0800-63726