IESCO Online Bill 2022 – Check IESCO Duplicate Bill Online

As per IESCO online bill, IESCO is a division of WAPDA and it stands for ISLAMABAD ELECTRIC SUPPLY COMPANY. It was established on 25th April 1981 after being distributed into eight companies by WAPDA. It received all the responsibilities and assets of this company as well. IESCO is currently functioning in five districts which are Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Jhelum, Chakwal, and Attock.

IESCO Duplicate Bill


IESCO’s previous name was Area Electricity Board (AEB). One of the eight Area Electricity Boards (AEBs) created under amendments to the WAPDA Act in 1981 was AEB Islamabad.

The Government of Pakistan approved the revamping of the WAPDA power sector under the Power Sector Restructuring Program. As a result, twelve corporate entities have been formed.

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IESCO is further divided into 19 divisions and 5 circles just for the sake of a constant and steady supply of electricity and to increase consumers’ level of satisfaction. Through five administrative districts i.e Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Jhelum, Chakwal, and Attock the electricity supply is maintained by the company.

Each division has its own CUSTOMER SERVICE OFFICE (CSO) which is managed by EXECUTIVE ENGINEERS. The 5 circles are headed by the SUPERINDENDING ENGINEERS.

These divisions and circles are as follows:

Islamabad CircleRawalpindi CircleJhelum CircleChakwal CircleAttock Circle
Islamabad Division 1Rawat DivisionJhelum Division 1Chakwal DivisionTaxila Division
Islamabad Division 2City DivisionJhelum Division 2Talagang DivisionPindigheb Division
Barakahu DivisionCantt Division (Rawalpindi)Gujar Khan DivisionDhudial DivisionAttock Division
Satellite Town DivisionPind Dadan Khan Division
Westridge Division
Tariqabad Division

All divisions are further divided into 104 subdivisions which are supervised by the SUBDIVISION OFFICERS (SDOs).


Aspire to be the most respected public utility in Pakistan, a leading force in the power sector, and a profitable and efficient company is our vision.

  • Our goal is to strive for achieving excellence in our standard work and improve our quality for the best outcomes.
  • To provide a fair and transparent system and held accountable our team members if there is any negligence in performing duties. Not to compromise on our principles.
  • To give our staff and all employees full respect and a secure and healthy environment to maximize their potential and contribution towards achieving our goal. And to provide them open communication to slow the competency gap in our organization.
  • To earn consumers’ trust and confidence we improve our quality of service. We make sure to provide them with a reliable electricity supply.


An individual’s life has become very busy and fast these days and has no spare time to get extra energy for going and paying bills by leaving their important work. These days Internet has become an indispensable part of our daily life and email is one of its important parts. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t received your Electricity Bill for your house, office, or institution, you may get your monthly IESCO Online Bill via email which makes you stress-free.

If you want to receive your IESCO Bill Online of electricity via Email, then you will have to follow these things;

  1. Write your fourteen (14) Digits Reference Number
  2. Put your email address.


If you want to check your IESCO online bill for your home, office, or institute, you can search your bill by writing your reference number and then download or print a copy of your bill for free.

No matter if they are using an old meter connection or a new meter connection, they can generate and download a new electronic bill. Consumers from Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Attock, and Jhelum can find their information regarding bills by entering their 14-digit reference number. In addition, customers can view registration records, bill status, quote slabs, etc.

Enter the reference number below the option, you can get your IESCO duplicate bill, and also you can check if your previous bill was paid or not.

1- Enter your “Reference No” without any space or gap from your old bill.

2- Check your “Reference No” again to refrain from any mistakes before pressing the “Generate” button

3- If you have not entered the correct “Reference No.” then the latest bill will not look in PDF form.

4- To get print of duplicate IESCO bill online, on your printer, press Ctrl + P


There is another way you can pay your bill by sitting home via the jazz cash app. For this you have to do the following steps:

  1. On your phone dial *786#
  2. Choose the option of “Pay Bills”
  3. Choose a Company
  4. Put your Bill’s Consumer Reference Number
  5. Check Transaction and Enter MPIN to confirm

You can pay each utility bill like electricity, gas, water, or telephone by using your mobile phones from your home or work by simply following these easy steps.


It has become increasingly difficult for our general public to live because of the rising cost of electricity. And Nowadays, it has become extremely hard for a layperson to meet the family’s basic needs.

IMF (International Monetary Fund) loans have been used to repay Pakistan’s debt. The Government of Pakistan is bound by IMF terms to raise electricity prices as compensation. Therefore, it’s very necessary for the common people to give a reduction in electricity bills so that we can compete with inflation.

Following are some easy steps to reduce the electricity bill of an individual:

Regularly changing the air conditioners Filter:

In order to minimize your electricity bill, keep your air conditioner filters clean regularly. A blocked air conditioner filter consumes more energy than normal.

Good Quality Electric Wires:

In addition to consuming more electricity because of the substandard electric wires, and poor quality wires, consumers receive higher bills as a result.

At peak hours use less electricity:

When these peak hours occur, it is not advisable to use DC home appliances because the electricity rate goes from Rs. 11 to Rs. 22 per unit.

FROM JUNE TO AUGUST                                                    FROM SEPTEMBER TO NOVEMBER

7 P.M TO 11 P.M                                                                        6 P.M TO 10 P.M

FROM DECEMBER TO FEBRUARY                                  FROM MARCH TO MAY

5 P.M TO 9 P.M                                                                          6 P.M TO 10 P.M

When in no use unplug all the devices:

Unless a device is working, we tend to assume that if it is plugged in but not working, it is not consuming electricity. But that is not necessarily true, since most electric devices are still consuming a small amount of electricity in this position.

In addition to protecting your devices, unplugging your electric devices also prevents them from being damaged by unexpected power surges.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I check the IESCO bill by name, CNIC, or address?
You cannot check your bill by name or address but only by using a reference number. If you have a 14-digit reference number, you can see your bill online by putting it.

How can I apply for a new connection?
If you want a new IESCO connection, you will have to fill out and submit the form.

How to change the consumer name in the IESCO electricity bill?
The procedure to change a consumer name on an IESCO bill is the same as applying for a new connection. You can visit the IESCO office and apply for the name change request.